established in 2023

I have been playing, buying, and selling video games since I first started playing them in the 80s. I started with the Atari 2600 but I really got going with my first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

As I got older I got into buying second-hand video games and consoles for my personal collection but would also flip them for a profit. Typically I would look for consoles that needed repairs or parts and fix them and flip them or trade them for games and consoles I didn’t already have.

I hope to offer my years of experience as both a gamer and a reseller to give you tips on how to find that special game for your collection and not break the bank.

I look forward to your stay.

Greg – Year of the dad Gaming


To find you the best methods for acquiring video games and video game consoles


I hope to one day offer games for sale on this site and expand to allow others to sell games here.


Provide truthful and ethical information​
Help others at all times​
Honor my God in all I do​